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How Scouts of Australia Works

Scouts of Australia is legally incorporated as a national association under the Corporations Law and operates as a central umbrella organization. The Scout clubs affiliated with Scouts of Australia are not controlled by it but retain their independence as autonomous local associations of scouts. Scouts of Australia is an association of the members of scout clubs. s
The internal organization of Scouts of Australia is simply structured to ensure resources stay with Scouts and Scout Clubs. There are only five categories of memberhip, four of them at the club level, and only three levels of organization. The management and administration is representative and accountable.
Scouts and other members of affiliated Scout Clubs become members of Scouts of Australia, registered as:-
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Committee Members.
Scout Advisors.
Auxillary Members.
Associate Members.
The Council is composed of delegates elected by the members and a few special advisers elected at general meetings.
The management committee or directors of up to 9 Councillors is appointed annually by the Council.